Casio Men’s W800H-1AV Classic Sport Watch Review

Casio Men’s W800H Classic Sports Watch Review

100M Water Resistance and 10-Year Battery life makes this watch the perfect choice for those looking for a good quality sports watch at a low price.

To Begin with, this watch looks fantastic. The digits are very simple to view, and utilizing the timer/alarm/stopwatch is extremely easy as well. The rubber strap is comfy and does not feel strange around your wrist. The two buttons on each side of the watch are also extremely simple to press. Overall, for $15, you can not get a much better watch.

I really like Casio as a whole and the watch Casio Men’s W800H sports watchwas simply what i needed: comfortable, waterproof, simplistic. Unfortunately it stopped working the other day totally after only having it for about 3 months … I go surfing probably 2 to 3 times a week. Initially it was excellent, no problems. then just within the previous number of weeks i seen condensation began to form on the within the watch. Sometimes so much so that i couldn hardly see the time. I discovered a couple grains of sand in the sides of the clear front plate part and have no idea if that contributed to any type of leakages? I simply wasn’t anticipating that:-LRB- For someone that enters the ocean a lot i was bummed to see grains of sand around the crease. Just the other day I went to look at the time and it was just entirely blank, no time at all, no switching on, no buttons doing anything, simply dead. Was actually expecting quite a lot more time out of this watch however hey you just never know.

After paying $400 for an Apple watch I think that this Casio is a much smarter watch. It shows you the date and time, brightens the entire screen, has a choro and an alarm. That is all you will ever need from a low-cost watch costing under $20. Yes, I wish to have the solar battery and atomic time sync functions like everyone else but is it worth paying another few hundred dollars? I don’t think so. Slap this on your wrist and you are good to go.